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3D Modelling

For the 3D Modelling course, they will learn how to do basic 3d modeling through Tinker CAD. They will accomplish a project, a keychain with their names on it, by the end. It is a fun project for those who want to learn creative skills in technology

At-Home Science Experiments


For the At-Home Science Experiments course, the children will do some FUN experiments at home, which are entertaining but also educative. They will be able to learn science while having fun. 

Video Editing / Production


For video editing/production , students will learn about storyboarding/story pacing and plot crafting, tips for filming and recording, basic video editing techniques, and the students will also have created their own short video using all of these strategies. The basic structure of the creation of videos will be taught, and students will receive advice and suggestions during class and will take time outside of class to record and utilize the material that was taught. This is an awesome skill for those who love video platforms like YouTube and want to create and edit their own videos.

Wonders of DNA


This class will introduce children to basic genetics concepts while also emphasizing the wonders of DNA. Since it is expected that most kids at this age do not have a strong understanding of the importance of DNA, this class will provide them with a some insight while also sparking some curiosity about this field.

Interior Designing

For the interior designing, The children will be taught to use tools in an interior designing website to create a project where children are able to design their own rooms. They can create their dream house and learn great creative skills.

Sculpting Clay Mini Figures


How to use the clay to form basic shapes such as balls, coils, teardrops etc. 

How to blend clay pieces together (how to attach them together )

How to create different textures

Cooking with Fun 


In this ongoing class, students will learn how to make yummy healthy dishes that all will enjoy. In this ongoing cooking and conversation class learners will learn basic knife and cooking skills his class is great for students of all levels, no previous cooking experience is needed. Our volunteers teach via "tell, show, do and feedback" which is very similar to the "gradual release" model used in schools. At each gathering students will prepare a delicious meal they can share with their families and friends. There may be times when the meal is finished after the lesson has ended. Recipes and ingredient lists will be available before each class via email.

Journalism/News Reporting


In the Journalism/News Reporting course, the children will learn the basics of writing a news article on subjects that they are interested in as well as exploring various different types of reporting in the media today. It is is a great chance to explore the news and build good writing skills.


For the shading course, in the beginning the children will learn the basics of shading and then gradually build that onto human feautures. This is an excellent class for those who like art or want to try something new.



For the bollyhop course, it is a combination between Bollywood and hip hop. By the end the students will have learned either an entire song to do a dance to or multiple different styles of dance. A fun unique dancing course.

Python Basics


For the python basics course, The children will start off by learning some basic vocabulary and how and when to use it in code. Then they will learn how to print messages and how to do some basic math calculations. At the end of the course they will be able to make individual coding projects using their new skill.

Lets read together


In this fun and effective program, students will attend a face-to-face online class and choose books for their reading levels that will be progressing as the learning goes. Our inspiring high school instructor will make sure every student is engaged and everyone's reading capability is growing.



The children will be learning HTML - which is a markup coding language that web browsers use to interpret and compose text, images, and other material into visual or audible web pages. By the end of the course, they will be able to design their own website and create a blog using the knowledge of HTML.



In the research project course, students will learn how to create visually appealing presentations and work on their public speaking skills. This course will help with using the internet and how to efficiently find the information the students will need for their research topic.

Java Script


Materials: Good internet connection and a computer/ laptop.     
In the Java course, the children will be introduced to what programming is and then they will learn how to print statements and dig in deeper to form classes with accessor/modifier methods by the end.

Earth Science Class


In Earth science, you will learn about the study of the Earth’s structure, properties, processes, and four and a half billion years of biotic evolution. This knowledge is a great way to know more about the world that we live in!



In this class, your child will learn about geography – the study of places and the relationships between people and their environments. In addition to Geography, you will get to learn about current events!


Song Writing Class


The children will learn the basic structure of a song and analyze different parts of the song. They will also learn how to write a verse and chorus of their own.

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This program offers students all kinds of reading courses and help them improve their reading skills and comprehension skills .  we have been offering this program for more than a year and helped over 1000 students in USA. 

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