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Read with Me

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G1 - G5




This is the reading program for kindergarten . Our inspiring instructor will make sure every student is engaged and everyone's reading capability is growing.

This class is structured to give students foundation on which to build their language skills. Pictures, sounds, stories, and activities will engage the student to keep their attention focused. 

With the reading program, your child will feel more confident while reading, and he/she will be more excited than ever to pick up a new book! The program will allow your child to read great books, build reading comprehension skills, and develop a love for reading.  


The reading program includes engaging classes taught by an expert language teacher. With lots of experience teaching young students online, our teachers know how to get everyone involved— every student participates, every student speaks, and every student’s voice is valued. In addition to their experience, each teacher has access to the highest quality online learning resources available, making your child’s learning experience invaluable.  


In each class, the teacher guides students’ reading through leveled books that match your child’s ability while providing them with a slight challenge. Along with the guided reading practice, your child will have the opportunity to improve their critical reading skills through reading comprehension-building activities. Supplemental activities such as fun sight word games and phonics help build their language skills every week as well. We guarantee that your child will have a positive experience with the class; they will leave the class wanting to read and learn more. 

The reading comprehension classes  include sixth grade or higher grades appropriate reading passages and related questions.  it also includes a cross-curricular focus on earth science, physical science, history, social sciences, or life sciences. This allows students to build their reading comprehension skills and reinforce knowledge in other subject areas. 




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