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Math Fun - Creative Thinking

This class is designed for 6 years old under. This “nontraditional” math class aims to provide preschoolers with a rich and engaging environment in which their mathematical thinking ability can be built and developed. The goal of this class is to introduce the “fun” and the “beauty” of math to the young learners to

boost their positive attitude toward mathematics before they officially step into schools. In addition, the course focuses on enhancing young learners’ mathematical language skills to

improve their expressiveness. Class activities will also be included to improve children’s observation skills and fine motor abilities.

G1 to G5

What is the purpose of learning math and cultivating the sense of numeracy, if not for solving real life problems and putting the knowledge in action? The Math Challenge course puts that idea into practice. Children will learn to apply their math knowledge in creative

and applicational ways, practicing problem solving and mathematical thinking in

meaningful contexts. Guided by the constructivist learning science principle, the course does away with age-based rigid guidelines of rote procedures, instead presenting challenging math puzzles and authentic applications of math. The course will help children

build skills ranging from basic math operations, problem solving, basic data literacy, geometry, and beyond. Children will gain newfound appreciation for math and math learning, becoming prepared for future challenges and competitions.


Based on the level of students, we develop students' creative thinking abilities and math strategies. The

courses cover a great deal of material and place emphasis on active learning and putting knowledge to use in independent and creative ways. This course is ideal for students who have completed an elementary school (grades 1-5) math curriculum and are eager for a

more challenging mathematical experience. This course will cover the topics of Prealgebra, which include a thorough exploration of the fundamentals of arithmetic, including fractions, exponents and decimals.




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