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K- G5 Public Speaking


The goal of this course is for your child to develop a mastery of practical public speaking skills. They will learn and practice skills such as voice/tone control and gestures/eye contact to engage any audience! 

The interaction between the teacher and the students is never lacking. Their instructor will encourage the students to express their ideas in a way that will portray them as both confident and correct. The course not only enriches your child’s vocabulary but also improves their ability and confidence in public speaking


In our Public Speaking course students will learn to:

● Better manage their nerves when speaking in front of others

● Speak clearly and with impact

● Keep an audience’s attention

● Improve their listening skills as they think about others’ opinions

● Voice their opinions and influence others

G6 UP Public Speaking


Great speakers know how to capture an audience's attention and keep them engaged. They

craft beautiful sentences, use vivid images, and make people want to know more! In this

class, you'll examine some of the most frequently viewed TED talks and learn how to write

and deliver your own. You'll present your final talk to an audience!

G6 Debate


Verbal communication is becoming a lost art! We need to know how to speak - to our friends, our families, and to our colleagues. Students need to learn to express themselves in  constructive and effective ways and how to respectfully disagree with those who do not see

things the same way. In this class, students will develop research, communication, critical

thinking, and argumentation skills. They will research topics and learn to separate logic from emotion when arguing a point of view. Students will form teams and participate in debates.




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