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More partners joined with us in June 2021

- the academic World

- Bubol 

Sharing is Caring - Jan 2021

In the past one year, we helped over thousands children. Since January 2021, we have partners who run the program of  " Explore Your Passion”, we offered more than 8 different FREE subjects. 

Sharing is Caring Never Ends - June 2020

Since COVID-19 pandemic, we started “Sharing is Caring” program in March 2020
3 months free Chinese story time and English reading classes 20 staffs and volunteers Over 300 children and parents.

Thank our stuff and volunteers for your selfless Thank our students and families for your support.


Sharing is Caring - We made it - April 2020

Finally we made two months free English reading classes and Chinese story time. Over 100 children joined into this event. Thank you for all our partners' supports. Thank you for our volunteers. Thank you for you all.

We are going to continue offering free English reading classes, Chinese story time and free adult Chinese classes in May.

Sharing is Caring starts on March 2020

We want to thank the doctors, nurses, policemen and all other personnel who are on the front line of the war against COVID-19.
You stay at your work for us, we take care of your kids.
Bright Tree Academy will offer all classes FREE in April 2020, ONLY FOR YOU.

Thank you for our wonderful volunteer Bessie Lyn - Feb 2020

We appreciate the efforts of our volunteer Bessie Lyn who did over one hundred hours volunteering with us. Thank you for helping us out, truly grateful to you. Thank you for volunteering.  

Be Strong China, Be Strong USA - Jan 2020

Since Jan 2020, our teachers has been taught kids about what Coronavirus is, how to prevent, why it is the important to prevent and how to wash the hand properly.  Kids learned from both Chinese and English vision about Coronavirus. Be Strong China, Be Strong USA.

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Join Our Team!


If you would like to join our volunteering team. please contact us at

We are looking forward to working with you soon.  

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