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Our Process Writing class will have a licensed English teacher; they will introduce

Essential writing elements to emerging writers and more advanced writing skills to writers of varied fluency 


Our Writing Lessons teach students the five steps of the writing process through the four main writing genres: informative/explanatory, narrative, opinion/argument, transactional. Each genre is divided into several text-type lessons at four developmental writing levels (beginning, early developing, developing, and fluent), which ensures your instruction matches the range of skills and abilities of writers typically found in grades one through six.


Our Process Writing Lessons cover a variety of text types and teach the structure, elements, and purpose of each. Lessons follow the five steps of the writing process: prewrite, draft, revise, edit, and publish. Each writing lesson also includes differentiated resources written to four developmental writing levels to meet every student at his or her individual writing level.


Our Writing classes helps beginning to fluent writers develop their writing from a simple collection of sentences to complex writing compositions that entertain, inform, explain, persuade, or argue.


Students will learn how to write through the fun, inspiring, and creative art of fiction. Students will uncover the secrets to developing compelling short stories and scenes that combine imagination and technique. Our teacher, In this class, students will discover how to construct a plot that hooks the reader, create characters using a variety of traits, deepen a message or theme for a piece, choose specific instead of vague details, and apply information from the five senses. Students will also appreciate books on a deeper level by understanding how they are built from the ground up. Understanding fiction through creative writing requires “flexibility” in the brain, which will improve your student’s ability to come up with more ideas whether they are creating poetry or polishing an engaging academic essay!




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